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Lucuma Powder vs. Sugar: Which is Better for Your family?

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Cutting sugar out of your diet can be painstakingly difficult—especially during the dark, cold winter nights where hot cocoa is much needed to refresh your mind and keep you warm. While it may seem difficult, it’s not impossible.

The path to a healthy lifestyle is part diet and part exercise. However, your diet makes eighty percent of the difference.

According to a study published by Forbes, ninety nine percent of American high schoolers have access to soda pop. According to the same study, ninety one percent middle schoolers had access to fizzy beverages at school.

What is Lucuma Powder?

Native to South America, lucuma is used to flavor desserts sold on throughout the warm streets of Peru. It’s a green-yellow fruit, shaped like an egg with a dry, starchy orange flesh. The taste can be described to be similar to caramel or maple syrup. Therefore, in recent years, it’s gained popularity as a superfood that can be substituted for sugar.

The Benefits of Lucuma Powder:

Lucuma powder has been used for centuries in South American cuisine and is now recently gaining popularity in the United States.

It has a distinctive taste which provides a natural sweet flavor to desserts such as cakes, muffins and even cookies. It is the perfect solution to a midnight craving, without increasing blood sugar levels.

It contains beta carotene, zinc, calcium, iron and vitamin B3. It is known in South America as a fruit that boosts fertility, cardiovascular health, and for having many skin benefits.

Lucuma Powder for Weight Loss

Losing weight can prove to be difficult. This is especially true during the winter season when your appetite increases.

Instead of reaching out for another cup of sweetened coffee or a brownie, try adding lucuma powder to your food. Instead of using artificial sweeteners such aspartame or saccharin, which are harmful for your health, bake your favorite foods with this healthy, sweet and low-calorie natural sweetener.

It will refresh your mind and provide you with a boost in energy levels. Another benefit of lucuma powder is that helps eliminate hunger pangs, making you feel full throughout the day.

Lucuma powder can be added to your morning smoothies, juices and even cereal. Cutting down on your sugar intake is not only good for losing weight; it also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

As with any food supplement, before taking lucuma powder, consult your doctor. This is because if you suffer from hypoglycemia, lucuma powder lowers blood sugar levels.

If you are looking for lucuma powder online and other superfoods, visit Organic Merchants Co. or call 720-588-2640.

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