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USA Birch Xylitol - 1lb Bag - Kosher, NON GMO, Gluten Free


Country of Origin:  USA

What is the difference between most Xylitol and Organic Merchant Co.'s Birch Xylitol? For starters, we guarantee our Xylitol is GMO-Free. The same cannot be said of those made with corn, which is the most popular way to produce Xylitol.

Why choose our Birch Xylitol? Ours is different since it comes from the Birch tree (hence the name) and contains the following positive attributes:

  • Made in the USA: The lion's share of Xylitol is imported from China. Since we manufacture our own, our USA made Birch Xylitol has no hidden ingredients. It is made from our manufacturers with high-quality food standards and travels right to you.
  • Non-GMO and Gluten Free: This is the prime example of an all-natural sugar substitute. Since our Xylitol contains no added chemicals, and since there are no genetically modified birch trees we know of, you won't experience those extra sugar cravings or the crash and burn mood cycle.
  • ECO-friendly packaging: Aside from a health, of course, we care about the environment. All of our products are packaged using the least amount of resources and waste as possible.
  • Tastes like sugar! Just because it's not sugar doesn't mean it needs to lose its taste. It also leaves no bad aftertaste like many lower-calorie sugar substitutes.
  • Safe for Diabetics: Having roughly 33% less calories, Xylitol is a lower-calorie option for table sugar. Retained more gradually than sugar, it doesn't add to high glucose levels or the subsequent hyperglycemia brought on by deficient insulin reaction.

Make the switch today from real sugar to a healthier form of sweetener with our Birch Tree Xylitol.

Product attributes include:

  • 100% Natural
  • Derived from Birch trees in a sustainable process - not from corn, not from China
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher Certified
  • Made right here in the United States
  • 1:1 replacement for sugar in any recipe
  • Safe for diabetics (a 7 on the glycemic index)
  • Proven to help prevent cavities
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  1. Xylitol

    Posted by Maggie on 21st Nov 2016

    Last year I was introduced to this sugar for the first time. I received it as a gift from my aunt, who lives in Europe. I am very glad I found your company and now I can buy it whenever I need it.

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